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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

As some of you may know already, Exclusively Games - one of the sites I worked with - sadly closed its doors in May of 2020 due to unsustainable running costs.

Video by Exclusively Games' Founder Jeremy Hambly explaining the situation

Although the site was dormant - i.e. no new content being added, it remained accessible throughout June. However, sometime in July the site was taken down and visitors were greeted with the screenshots below.

Expanded for legibility

Hopefully this will only be a temporary situation. In the meantime, this leaves all the articles published on the site - by all its authors - out of reach and inaccessible.

As a workaround, I will be re-publishing the articles here so that they remain available to the public. (I still have their original Word .doc drafts on my HDD, so it should be a simple ‘copy n’ paste’ exercise – yay for weaponised OCD 😉).

The title images may be different for some due to my not possessing the original title images - those were chosen by Exclusively Game's Editor post-submission.

Some articles may be 'tidied up' and amended to take into account events that may have occurred between their original publishing date and the present.

NB - these articles are in US / American English (As per Exclusively Game's style guide.)

If / when Exclusively Games reboots I will of course remove these articles from Nomads Review's to avoid any conflict of interest.

I am happy to host the articles written by the other Ex-Exclusively Games writers too, so if you are reading this and happen to be one of my former stablemates, or know someone who is, feel free to get in touch.

All the best everyone!

Iain ‘Sessile_Nomad’ Baker

Iain is a 40+ author and gamer from England, who started his gaming journey on the Atari 2600 36 years ago. His specialities include obscure cult classics, retro games, mods and fan remakes. He hates all sports games and is allergic to online multiplayer. Since he is British, his body is about 60% tea. He can be reached via Twitter at, and contacted via email at

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