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Hi there, and welcome to Nomad’s Reviews.

“So, what is this website about then?” you may ask, “And who is it for?” Both are excellent questions.

The Past

I should start by stating that the site's focus is changing somewhat. It was initially created in 2017 and served as a way of sharing some of my experiences with gaming, media and technology whilst building my portfolio. This worked, and I am now a full-time freelance video games journalist with multiple sites


It also served as a platform for reviewing the games, books, movies and TV shows that were often overlooked by more mainstream media. There are a lot of hidden gems out there which deserve far more recognition than they get. Reviews of them on this site was my small way of helping them gain the recognition they deserved. This may still happen from time to time since even freelance writers like myself do not always have a free-reign over what topics to cover. Therefore, something too obscure to be considered by mainstream sites may well be featured on here.

The Present

However, the main focus of the site now is the on-going 'The (Almost) Complete History of Video Games'. Once completed it will provide information about the hardware and software of (almost) every games system released, including the video arcades, home microcomputers, hand-held devices, consoles and Personal Computers. It will cover all the major systems in detail and will attempt to cover some of the more obscure systems too. The series will also cover the standout games and genres made possible by these systems, their commercial success (or lack thereof) and their cultural impact. 


This information will be presented chronologically in light-hearted and easily digestible articles (Ten-minute reads at the most.)

The Future


It will take some time to complete The (Almost) Complete History of Video Games. I expect it will take fifty (50) or more 'episodes' to reach the present day. At an upload schedule of approximately one article per week, this will take about a year to complete. I'll decide what to do after that closer to the time. I'm open to suggestions :-)


Why am I creating 'The (Almost) Complete History of Video Games'?

I am creating this to act as a historical record where all the most salient information about the evolution of gaming can be found in one place. I found that attempting to glean the information I was interested in was a time-consuming and tedious chore. It frequently required visiting multiple sites and having to sift through lots of uninteresting or irrelevant data to find the info I was looking for. Much of this info was rather 'dry', devoid of personal experiences or humour. "Wouldn't it be great if all the interesting info was all in one place, and wouldn't then bore you to tears when reading it?" I thought to myself. Since I was unable to find such a site, I decided to create it myself.

In terms of content and tone, I am aiming for the 'sweet spot' between having sufficient depth to be useful whilst not being so in-depth that it becomes inaccessible. Links to more in-depth information will, of course, be provided for anyone who wishes to discover more. I also aim to add the personal touch and humour where appropriate since I'm old enough to have experienced much of the evolution of gaming first hand.

This information is presented chronologically to demonstrate the evolution of gaming from its humble beginnings to the near photo-realistic games of today. Compare Pong from article three (3) to a modern AAA game in a future article fiftysomething (50) * - and you will see a night and day difference. 

Who Is This Site For?

The site is for anyone and everyone who might be interested. These may include;


1. Members of older generations who may not know much about video gaming, the media or technology,        but would like to.


2. Members of my generation who want to ‘go all misty-eyed’ about the past and then look to the future.


3. Members of younger generations who wish to know what video gaming, media and technology was like when their parents and other older relatives were young.

4. Gamers who are concerned about the preservation of video game history.

5. Anyone with an interest in video gaming, media, film, TV, books, audiobooks, radio plays, and          technology in general.

The website itself and all its current content are all my own work. Pictures and videos sourced from other places are of course attributed, credit where credit is due after all.


NB - If I have not attributed an image correctly please accept my apologies in advance, it would not have been intentional. If I have done so, please get in touch with either the correct attribution details or a request to remove the offending image, which I will of course do ASAP.


FYI Trying to find non-copyrighted, non-watermarked high-res images of older games is difficult on a shoestring budget. I am aware that this is the site's weak-link at present. I am hopeful that Patreon subscriptions will enable me to subscribe to paid-for images services which should correct this.

Content Warnings

Videos and pictures have been carefully curated to ensure they effectively illustrate the point in question since a picture tells a thousand words. All videos and images have been screened for foul language or other potentially offensive or politically biased content.

As this website may be viewed by children, there is no explicit or offensive language used anywhere within. Where possible I have chosen videos that lack commentary or are sourced from family-friendly channels to ensure this.

Parental supervision is advised of course. Some games, films, books etc. contain adult themes, and any article discussing them may by necessity include content or reference topics not suitable for younger audiences. I will highlight articles that may contain such content as 'NSFC' - Not Safe For Children - so that you may make an informed decision.

Opinions expressed on this website are my own and do not represent the views or policies of any other individuals or organisations.

Personal Bias Admission

Although I aim to be as objective as possible, my personal preferences in games, films, media etc. may creep in from time-to-time. Therefore, in the interests of fairness, my preferences are;

  • AA and indie games > AAA games.

  • Single-player or living room multi-player > online multiplayer.

  • Mods > vanilla.

  • Upfront lump sum payment > microtransactions, loot boxes, season passes etc.

  • Historical accuracy and realism > high fantasy settings.

  • PC > other platforms for single-player games due to adaptability, customisation, mods etc. Also most of the cult classics and hidden gems I enjoy happen to be on PC.

  • Nintendo > Microsoft and Sony for living room multi-player due to more family-friendly content.

  • Indie films > Hollywood blockbusters.

  • Hard Sci-Fi films and literature > high fantasy, Anime etc.

  • (Most) original movies> (most) reboots.

  • Rock, metal, trip-hop, indie and trance > EDM, pop, hip-hop, R&B etc.

  • If you would like to find out a little more about me, please take a look at this article.

Mission Statement

Nomad’s Reviews is - and will remain -  as strictly a-political as possible.  

All articles, and the content therein, aim to be as factual as possible at the time of their writing. Any inaccuracies you may find are unintentional. If you should spot any, please let me know and I will fix them ASAP.

I strongly believe in quality over quantity, so I will not churn out articles for the sake of it. All topics and content are chosen for their interest or importance, at least as I see it, or chosen by Patreon supporters.


My tastes are somewhat 'quirky', so I am unlikely to be reviewing the latest AAA game or Hollywood blockbuster. There are plenty of great sites out there covering these already, and I wouldn't have much of value to add to those conversations anyway.

However, if you are interested in the weird and the wonderful, then you have come to the right place. The articles and reviews on Nomad's Reviews tend to be about the cult classics and hidden gems you may not hear about on other sites.

What’s more, you will find no ‘fanboying’ here. Nomad has been a multi-platform gamer since year dot. If you wish to argue that the “Xbox is the best box” or that PC gamers are “the master race”, please, go somewhere else.

Community Guidelines

Keep the comments section clean and a-political. Any abuse or politicking will result in the offender getting kicked. I have a Ban-Hammer and I know how to use it! ;-)

Thank you for the time you have taken to read this, and I hope you will enjoy your visits to Nomad's Reviews.

Advertisement Policy

Nomad's Reviews is not currently supported by ad revenue. Why? Because you deserve better than to have articles broken up by obtrusive ads every other paragraph. Nor does Nomad’s Reviews feature any ‘paid promotional content’ - AKA ‘ads disguised as articles’. Why? Because you deserve better than being manipulated by underhanded sales techniques. Therefore Nomad's Reviews is reliant on community support, so if you like what you see, please consider becoming a supporter.