Top Eight FPS Tropes that Hilariously Make no Sense

Updated: Apr 5

As you may have guessed by now, I greatly enjoy immersive games which suck the player into their game world. This is often assisted by introducing real-world elements which make the game feel less ‘artificial’ and ‘gamey’. Many of these elements have been covered in the Eight Gameplay Mechanics Every Immersive FPS Should Have article, and its follow up Ten MORE Gameplay Mechanics Every Immersive FPS Should Have – as Suggested by The Community.’

Unfortunately, there are several video game tropes which can wreck this immersion, simply because they are 'artificial' and ‘gamey’ or due to being outright nonsensical.

Some of these tropes are both pretty stupid and pretty funny if you stop to think about them. Which I did. Below I have listed eight of the most hilarious examples I could think of, along with an explanation of how they might work.

1) Impassable Waist High Barriers

Hands up if you have ever stepped over a knee-high-fence, or clambered over its bigger brother, the waist-high-wall? Congratulations, you have successfully completed a feat with your MK1 human body that many digital FPS heroes cannot. It makes no sense – your unstoppable digital avatar is now stopped by something you can easily see over, shoot over, and should be able to step over. What is this, Flat Land? This is made worse if the game also prevents you from jumping even the tiniest amount, thus making that knee-high picket fence truly impassable.

F.E.A.R. 2 had an effective ‘scramble over low barriers’ mechanic. If F.E.A.R. 2 can do it - and remember, F.E.A.R. 2 is a game which ditched much of the mechanics that made its predecessor superior - then all games should be able to do this as well.

2) Magic Ammo Teleporting Boots

Have you ever noticed that many FPS protagonists never stop to pick anything up? Their hands remain firmly attached to their weapon whilst they pick up that ammo pack seemingly by running over it? How do they do this? I have often wondered if they have been taking lessons from this guy…

Ape with a lot of oranges

When you max out your dexterity stats…


...Or are they wearing some extremely fancy footwear? I suspect the latter, specifically Magic Ammo Teleporting Boots (MATB™) which teleport items underfoot straight into the protagonist’s weapons inventory. Speaking of which…

3) Invisible Bag of Holding

How do some FPS protagonists carry so many weapons? Especially the early pre-Halo FPS games, where your avatar appears to carry a one-man arsenal, like our friend Ivan here.

At least Ivan is using slings and straps to carry his AK collection, and all his shooters are proudly on display.

Some FPS protagonists also carry similar arsenals, but with no visible means of doing so. What’s more, the weapons themselves cannot be seen. Where do they go?

I’m assuming that these FPS characters must all have ‘Invisible Bags of Holding’ (IBoH™), that due to using ‘Dr Who’ tech can store an unfeasibly large array of weaponry hidden from view. The bag is, of course, invisible as well, since no self-respecting FPS hero would be seen dead wearing a backpack, ‘that is so last season.’

4) Self-Filling Magazines

In early FPS games, your protagonist would often draw ammo continuously from your ammo pool - which presumably was also stored in your ‘Invisible Bag of Holding’™. I can only assume it did this via a ‘Magic Ammo Transferring Oojamaflip’ (MATO™) teleporting rounds directly into your gun.

Later FPS games tried to make things a little more realistic by introducing a reloading system with magazines. However, MATO™ was working its magic here as well. Upon reloading, ammo is seemingly teleported from your IBoH™ straight into your magazine, which is then inserted into your gun.

Therefore, you never have to worry about inserting a partially empty magazine - you know, the one you swapped after firing about three rounds during your last firefight.

5) The Sprinting Wounded

Most FPS protagonists and NPCs react rather strangely to bullets. They can tank damage that would kill… well… a tank, and they are every bit as combat effective at 1% health as when they are at 100%. But when they are at 1% health even the tiniest little scratch will kill them stone dead. Speaking of which…

6) Biology Denying Non-Exploding Bodies

I have concluded that many FPS NPCs possess adamantium skeletons. Why?

Because when they take an RPG to the chest, they stay in one piece! They still keel over and die of course, but their bodies have nary a scratch on them afterwards.

Clearly, the makers of F.E.A.R. and Soldier of Fortune didn’t give their NPCs these adamantium skeletons, because in those games an RPG to the chest (or a point-blank shotgun blast) will cover the walls with a liberal coating of insta-gibbed henchmen’s claret and entrails. Beautiful 😉 Obligatory warning – the following two videos are a tad gory and NFSC

F.E.A.R. Series - Gore Demonstration

The result of RPG vs Man is at 02:48

Video by Goretasticdotcom