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Links to Phobias and Gaming

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Hello everyone. As part of my ongoing work to promote accessibility and inclusivity in video games, I have created a two-part article miniseries on the topic of phobias in video games with the fine folks at Game Luster. Links are below:

In this article, we investigate how phobias can make playing video games a difficult, unpleasant or even unbearable experience.

In this article we investigate three related topics;

1 - What developers can do to make their games more accessible to phobics.

2 - What phobics can do themselves to make some video games more bearable.

3 - How health care professionals are using video games technology to treat peoples phobias.

NB - since I do not own Game Luster I am unable to do anything about the adverts that appear in the articles.

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences about phobias in the comment section below.

Iain is a 40+ author and gamer from England, who started his gaming journey on the Atari 2600 36 years ago. His specialities include obscure cult classics, retro games, mods and fan remakes. He hates all sports games and is allergic to online multiplayer. Since he is British, his body is about 60% tea. He can be reached via Twitter at, and contacted via email at

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